Jana Koteich

PhD Student - Inria  Lille Nord Europe

I am a PhD student at Inria - Lille Nord Europe, Team FUN, working with Nathalie Mitton on 'Context Aware Forwarding Protocols'. I received my master's degree from Grenoble INP specialized in 'Digital Infrastructure' in 2021, and my Master 1 from the Lebanese University Faculty of Sciences in 2020.

PhD Topic

My thesis is mainly focused on context aware forwarding protocols. The objective is to design a new generation of Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) also referred sometimes to opportunistic or ad hoc networks. The proposed forwarding protocol  will provide the tools to deduce a mobility model from the set of wireless communication links a device can share. The decision mainly rely on the identification of a life mobility context characterized by the number and the kind of connections within its neighborhood to take a decision in an anonymous fashion. 

Research Interest

My interests are mainly related to (but not only) : 


Data Reduction and Frame Rate Adaptation in WVSN

Jana Koteich, Christian Salim, Nathalie Mitton, STWiMob’2021, Oct 2021, Bologna, Italy

Spatio-Temporal Data Reduction Technique in WVSN for Smart Agriculture

Jana Koteich, Christian Salim, Nathalie Mitton, STWiMob'2022, Oct 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece

More about me

Beside my major, I have a special interest in astronomy. I read books related to that for the aim of seeing and understanding this universe from a scientific fascinating perspective. My first inspiration was Carl Sagan, when I started with his book Cosmos.

As far as I am interested in the scientific research, I am also interested in Art. You can say that I am a self-taught artist (but still not professional ;)) and a beginner violinist.  Last but not least, I play handball and Badminton. I do knitting sometimes, I just like to give a  try for everything in this life, because why not . ;)

Finally, if I get lost, you can probably find me on top of some mountain...